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Happy New Year and Welcome!

Posted by Harald van Breederode on January 1, 2009

First of all I wish you a happy and healthy 2009! And secondly I welcome you on my Blog. Hopefully you will find something of interest to you. And if that isn’t the case today I hope you will come back in the near future. Since I just started this Blog today there isn’t really much content yet, but I uploaded some papers I (co-)wrote and a few user group presentations I presented recently. You’ll find them on my papers / presentations page. I also created an About me page where you can read something about me and this Blog.


4 Responses to “Happy New Year and Welcome!”

  1. Kate Farrow said

    What a good idea to start a blog. Why don’t you write your OU Tech Newsletter input here and get the readers linking to this blog?
    Happy New Year.

  2. Hi Harald,

    This is a very clear and understandable site with interesting topics. We are now awaiting the RAC and DataGuard special – commandline- features and tips from your hand.

    Please continue this way!

    For the Ducth (deaf) readers, check

  3. Hi Harald,

    Good luck with you’re blogging experience.

    Yesterday at the dataguard course you were telling me that there was a reason why you use this url but unfortunately it was too long a story to tell it at the moment.

    Maybe that u can write a post about the deeper meaning of the word prutser :) besides the technical posts.

    Anyways keep up the good work!

  4. Sander Wendel said

    Hi prutser,

    what a nice surprise to see that you also started logging!
    I don’t know where you find the time to do this, but then, maybe working at Oracle isn’t as demanding as it seems :-)

    Good luck mate, I’ll be following you!

    Kind regards, groetjes, Sander Wendel.

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