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Unmasking Your IP Addresses

Posted by Harald van Breederode on February 24, 2009

In the January edition of the Oracle University Newsletter Joel Goodman and I published an article about how we think the DBA role will evolve in the future. In this well received article we also discuss how one can upgrade from a DBA 1.0 to a DBA 2.0 skill set. For the March edition I wrote a follow-up article named “Unmasking your IP Addresses” which discuss the network skills required to maintain IP based Oracle Clusterware interconnects.

Here is the Unmasking your IP Addresses article.

Enjoy reading it.


2 Responses to “Unmasking Your IP Addresses”

  1. As a sidenote: IP has been developed during the 1970’s, and is the result of improvements of the protocols used by ARPANET which was operational in 1969.

  2. Surachart said

    thank you…
    It’s no problem to get about IPv4.
    But I’m afraid with IPv6.

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