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Lex de Haan

Posted by Harald van Breederode on February 1, 2016

Today marks the 10th anniversary of Lex de Haan passing away. Although 10 years is a long time, I think about my dear friend Lex at least once a week. Lex assisted me adapting to new teaching skills when I progressed to blindness. It was Lex his idea to use colored magnets on my classroom whiteboard to explain complicated things like Cache Fusion or Virtual IP addresses. I still use the magnets Lex gave me 11 years ago almost daily when I teach. This is only one example of how my memories of Lex stay alive. I am convinced he still touches other people’s lives like this too.

Feel free to share your Lex de Haan memories in the Comments section below.


6 Responses to “Lex de Haan”

  1. I also think about Lex regularly as he did so much for Oracle University; it was only during the speeches at his funeral that I realised that he did so much for lots of other good causes as well such as for his daughters and the Dutch Bach Society.

  2. Toon Koppelaars said

    10 years…. Unbelievable. I too think of Lex often still. He showed me that writing a book is actually quite doable: “just approach it as if you are writing a series of white papers”, or something along those lines, which worked for us. And his idea to start the AM4DP project was obviously spot-on. I wish he could have seen the many comments en reviews that are out there right now on the internet about our book.

  3. We have been colleagues at Oracle. Yes, I was a trainer once. Lex, I remember you.

  4. Noons said

    I’ll never forget Lex’s private messages when I supported his views on NULL in Oracle at the Oracle-L list. Still have some of those emails and every once in a while I go through them and recall our private conversations which I so cherished. A great techo and someone I was proud to count as my cyber-friend.

  5. For me, it was that lovely baritone way he explained things. A lovely fellow, long missed.

  6. Ivan Kartik said

    Just came around and seen topic of this post. I have attended several courses and seminars written or led by Lex and he was definitely one of best instructors I’ve ever met. Sometimes I’m thinking about him and I always remind him as nice, jovial guy explaining everything with such a great passion. He taught me a lot and it is still a honour for me that I could have been one of his students.

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