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By: Harald van Breederode

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About me / Contact me


My name is Harald van Breederode and I am a DBA trainer working for Oracle University in The Netherlands. My primary job role is to train Oracle Database Administrators (DBA) in using the Oracle database and associated products such as Oracle Linux and Oracle Solaris. I am an Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) on Oracle8i, Oracle9i, Oracle10g, Oracle11g and Oracle12c. I am also an Oracle Certified Master (OCM) on Oracle10g, Oracle11g and Oracle12c.

I am specialized in Oracle High Availability products including Real Application Clusters and Data Guard. I have 30+ years Unix Operating System experience and more than 15 years of Oracle experience.

I am a regular speaker at various User Group conferences and finally I am a member of the OakTable Network.

About this Blog

I will use this Blog primarily to discuss Oracle database related topics of interest to DBA students attending classes I teach at Oracle University, but others might benefit as well.

Because I am blind I will also discuss accessibility related issues I encounter in my professional life as a technology trainer as well as in my personal life. Hopefully my experiences are beneficial to other visually impaired persons and I can save them the trouble of inventing the same wheels as I did.

My intention is to post whenever time permits and share useful information with you. I have uploaded my user group presentations and articles I (co-)wrote over the last few years.

How to contact me?

Please use the form below to drop me a note.